Formatting Instructions

Please send all other submissions with the following formatting:

Include your story genre, your story title, and your last name in your email’s subject line, like so –

Subject: Blog/ The Sweep of Time/ Masterson

In the body of the email, include your full name (your real name, please), physical address, phone number, and email address.

Leslie R. Masterson
123 Fake Street
FakeTown FS, 12345

A few lines down from this, type your story title and estimated word count, and the name you would like to story to be published under. Then cut and paste your story into the body of the email. Please remove all indenting and double-space between each paragraph.

The Sweep of Time
approx. 4,500 words
by Leslie Masterson

It was a dark and stormy night.

The children hung stuff by the fire with care.

For they knew the Tooth Fairy soon would be there.

< end >

Poorly formatted submissions will not be counted for Byzarium, and will be deleted unread.

Word Estimation
Here is a great trick for estimating word length in your story. Don’t rely on the counter in your word processor program — they can vary!

Count ALL the spaces between your margins and divide by 6. My spaces happen to come to 66; so when I divide, I get 11 words per line, even if there’s only one or two “real” words on that line and the rest is blank.
Calculate the number of lines per page and multiply by words per line (in my case, 11). That, amazingly enough, gives you the count for that page (again, making no difference how many “real” words on are the page).
Multiply that count by the number of pages in your story or novel, round to the nearest 100, and you have the word count the editors are looking for. List this in the upper right-hand corner of your manuscript thusly: About 12,500 words.